Enjoy a 100% Vegan Guilt free Gluten Free, Low Cabs, Source of Protein Snacking Option with bundle of Energy,  Suitable for Growing Kids, Pregnant Lady, Heart friendly &  Balanced Nutrition snacking option.

A unique 100%  truly roasted , Source of Fiber, Zero Cholesterol and  Zero Transfat.

We do not use Hydrogenated Oil or MSG in any of our products.

Power Punch

  • Wheat fakes, Green Peas, Soya Protein Flakes, Roasted Bengal Gram Splits, Puffed Bajara, Pea Protein Nuggets, Roasted Almonds, Puffed Quinoa Grains, Edible Veg Oil, Salt, Kale Leaves, Tomato Powder, Chilly Powder, Mango Powder, Cumin Seed Powder, Black Pepper Powder